IIC has more than 17 years of collective professional experience in providing consulting services for agencies to facilitate processes in the areas of transportation, security, customs & border control, emergency response, intelligence, and bio-terrorism. IIC engages and assist small and large working groups, team interaction and collaboration toward common goals and objectives. Through effective experienced leadership, IIC offers consulting resources and tools to manage and control the transfer of information among the aviation industry, passengers, and government entities to support real time evaluation strategies, for an effective and agile security system for the traveling public.

IIC primarily assist organization with the facilitation of communication problems faced on 9/11 by creating interoperability between systems that enables first responders from different disciplines and jurisdictions to seamlessly communicate between TSA, and airlines and airport employees. IIC empowers the downward flow of information to the frontline employees to ensure DHS and TSA policies are followed.

IIC provides leadership and consulting facilitatation for (1) airport security policy development through group briefings, and on line training modules, (2) airline and airport staff to successful integrate and execute DHS & TSA security regulations by conducting seminars and instructor-led exercises, (3) FEMA program managers and contracting officers professional development training and emergency management planning, and (4) Enabling stakeholders to gain control and ownership of recommendations, and proposed action plans related to Department of Homeland Security & Transportation Security polices, and communication of enacted legislation to the frontline employees for emergency response management.

Dr. Stacey Tyler Bio

Dr. Stacey Tyler graduated from Walden University in Public Policy and Administration specialized in Homeland Security Coordination and Policy. Her professional capability includes airline management, both landside and airside in various airports around the country.

As a New Jersey Women-Owned Minority Business, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Women Owned Small Business, Interactive Intelligence Corporation is dedicated to assisting policy makers, administrators, and airport and airline management with examining and preventing the exploitation of weaknesses in the current system, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and responding to emerging threats, and producing greater public satisfaction.

The truth as she knows it comes from having over 19 years of professional experience in the airline industry, starting as a Ticketing Agent to progressing in her as a General Manager for various airlines and vendor services, is that despite current best practices and policies, dangerous items and contraband continues to find its way past the screening areas of many airports and into the secure areas.

In addition, Dr. Stacey L. Tyler is an Adjunct Professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide where she facilitates a healthy online learning environment through classroom instruction that encourages open discussions and ensuring comprehension of the course material through assignments. She teaches the following online courses in College of Business~ MGMT 602­Air Carrier, Passenger, and Cargo Management, SCTY 430 Counterterrorism for Aviation, and BSAB 415 Airline Management.

Dr. Stacey L. Tyler is an author of the Inside Man: Evaluating Security Communication Failures at a United States Airport-Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; Airport Security: Passenger Screening and Governance Post 9/11-Dorrance Publishing; and Airport Security: Organizational Leadership and Change Post 9/11.